About Yenta, “Your 28-Year-Old Yenta: Not Your Grandmother’s Advice Column” is a self-help resource hub masquerading as an advice column. Distinctly feminist, it attempts to leak positive new modes of thinking while entertaining a broad audience, thus appealing to feminist and non-feminist readers alike.

AskYourYenta’s goal is to raise people’s expectations of their own lives, their own psyches, and as a result to shape a healthier, more go-getting subculture in twenty and thirty-something Americans.

Merissa Nathan Gerson

“She has worked as a farmer, a waitress, a creative writing teacher, an in-hospital sex-educator and a lamp-maker—and now she’s writing an internet advice column,” writes New Voices Magazine in an article titled, “Start Crying: Advice From a 28-Year-Old Yenta.” Merissa has waded through life’s dilemmas with a constant reflective therapeutic bird on her shoulder. Add a few rabbis, a Buddhist-inspired education, monks, stupas, shrine rooms and the like, stir, and you get a 28- year-old Yenta.

Merissa earned a BA in Women and Gender Studies/American Culture Studies from Washington University in St. Louis where she headed their rape prevention initiative.  With an MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa Univeristy in Boulder, CO, she has taught high school creative writing and worked in marketing for Bombay Gin Literary Journal. She is a regular contributor to The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles and Venus Magazine.

Merissa Nathan Gerson | Create Your Badge

  1. Loving all of this, Merissa!!!! Sure wish you had a comments page or guest book or place where I could rave about this cool Yenta and her fine prose. But this will suffice, I hope.

  2. Brilliant Merissa! I can’t wait to dive into your site tonight and read up. Have a great time in Vermont.

    Sarah Hewitt

  3. Excited. Honored. Looking forward to it.

    seafood mike

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