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Too Much TV?: Trash Your TV

TV Addiction:

Organic Lubricants:, Yes from,

Kitchen Lubricants: Green Up Your Sex Life

Tong Len Meditation: Pema Chodron’s Instructions

Video Art As Social Service: Pippilotti Rist

Activist Art: Jenny Holzer, Guerrilla Girls, Kara Walker

Food Therapy: Emily Stern with

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance:

Eating Disorder Help:

Spiritual Protection: Tecniques

Codependants Anonymous: Find a Meeting

Sex-Ed: Susie Bright

Find a Local Group:

Knitting Clubs:

BDSM Club: DC’s Black Rose

Men and Sexual Trauma: Information

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-HOPE or

Talking to a Sexual Partner: AuntieJessi

Dating With An STD:

HIV/STD Testing: Find a Place Near You

STD Facts: MTV’s “It’s Your Sex Life”

STD Prevention: What Works and What Doesn’t and New Ideas

Online Sex Ed: Go Ask Alice

Meditation Centers Near You: Shambhala

Jewish Law: Talmud

Mental Health: Passive Aggression Diagnosis

Sex Toys: Toys in Babeland

Kegel Excercizes: Do the Kegel

Tantra: White Lotus East

General Holistic Assistance: Dr. Weil

Relationship Help: Dr. Firestone

Modern Meditation: Dharma Punx

Wacky Sex Therapy: Sex Without Shame

Experimental Stage: Sex Worker’s Art Show

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  1. How frequently must I do the exercises?

    • You can do them throughout the day. They are actually quite simple, something you can do in the car, at your desk, on the subway, while watching TV. The more the better, because you are strengthening an important muscle set. It is a simple tightening and releasing, no fancy footwork. Good luck!

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