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Mike Myers' rendition of a Yenta: Linda Richman on SNL

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  2. With so much horror, terror, suspense in the world why doesn’t anyone write any good horror fiction anymore? Gone are the days of the pulp – the Lovecrafts, the Howards – what’s up with that? Oh yeah, and the real question: if we didn’t have war would we really appreciate peace?

  3. Dear Yenta Merissaa
    What happened to you video, her on your sit, that was on Allan Ginsburg. I was looking forward to watching it, but. . . I first met Allan and his friends in Cambridge at Passim’s Coffee Shop. He signed a couple of his books of poetry for me, which I cherish today, and even read occasionally. From our meetings I became his Homeopathic doctor for him and his brother-can’t remember his name though. Most of my work with him was over the telephone which can be done easily with homeopathy. Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to you on WOMR this morning. I have lived here in P/Town for 4 years now and have mixed emotions so far. but they are generally positive. I’ve got a website too aside from having a hint about Homeopathy, it’s focused on taking care of those people that have applied the wisdom of our local Yenta, and have decided the only thing to do now is to get married. Last summer, to my surprise, I was marrying up to 7 couples a day with an average of about 3. I really enjoy my role here in this really important moment in the life’s of my clients.
    Give me a call or e-mail if you’d like to have coffee at Farlands, my business cards are in their window sill, and are used by many diners to clean between their teeth after eating. See yah!! Dave Cleveland

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