10 Easy Ways to Help Haiti

In Health and Body, Mental Health on January 14, 2010 at 6:49 pm

Kindness and generosity are no small feat.

Ten Easy Ways to Give to Haiti:

1) Text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to YELE HAITI. Your money will help with relief efforts. The $5 gets added to your next phone bill.
2) Donate to Doctors Without Borders via phone, mail, internet; by hosting a fundraiser, getting your corporation to give, and more by clicking here.
3) Put your language skills to use: The US Embassy is asking for translators to help with getting the lost in-touch with their families. You can volunteer to help from home by contacting Tony Rivera 786-295-4635. Also, medical professionals can volunteer in Haiti. Airlines are working with consulate. Call 212-697-9767 to volunteer.
4) Got a medical degree? Go to Haiti and help. American Airlines is flying doctors/nurses there for free.
5) Donate via and MercyCorps. Click here.
6) Donate to the Red Cross Relief Fund. Click here.
7) Donate to the Unicef Relief Fund. Click here.
8/ Have a fundraiser of your own at your office. Send the money to one of these organizations.
9) Have a bake sale, a lemonade stand, anything that improves the quality of life for those around you and give the money, and the merit, to relief work in Haiti.
10) Volunteer at local schools to educate about the importance of community and giving, so the effort lasts to the next generation for the next time a community needs immediate relief.

Ten Easy Ways to Give to Your Local Community:
Because the need for generosity is not limited to sudden catastrophes…

1) Volunteer your time to local community needs. Click here to find a local place for your unique skill set to thrive.
2) Babysit for free. Happy rested parents make happy rested children which make positive communities.
3) Clean your mind. Start meditating, it does a service to everyone you encounter. Think angry agro meets calm and sweet.
4) Clean your garbage. Recycling is a mini effort towards global health. Click here for easy ways to change your home life habits.
5) Learn another language. Blanket English segregates and isolates.
6) Tutor a kid. The education system in America makes a point to uphold class separatism. Try and bridge the gap.
7) Smile, offer your seat on the bus, leave a fat tip, help an old lady cross the street, compliment a stranger: small niceties are both contagious and contribute to a communal sense that joy is allowed and compassion is a necessity.
8/ Drink less, smoke less, detox, cook a meal, feed a friend: a healthy thriving body yields a positive disposition.
9) Give randomly and give abundantly. If someone gives to you, give to someone else. Uphold the possibility of a society based on generosity.
10) Do what you love. Following your dreams makes it so other people stop settling for their nightmares. Also, once on the dream life track, your kindness quotient should quadruple.

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