He Puts a Sock ON It

In Sex on January 19, 2010 at 4:18 am

Do their socks offend you?

Dear 27-Year-Old Yenta:

My latest lover is a fetishist. We have had sex and have both pleasured each other manually and orally, but mostly we co masturbate together while kissing and touching. It’s HOT. He loves to suck on my toes, he loves to watch my ass, he masturbates to pictures of my toenail polish that somehow perfectly match my scooter. He is a feet man, and I love the attention to a previously avoided body part.

The trouble is the sock. He places a sock on his dick throughout all of this. All the rest of it…no big deal. But the sock. The sock!

Forever in Flip Flops

Deart FIFF,

So, ask him about the sock. Done. Dear Fetishist Boy Toy: Why must you cover your beautiful penis? I want to see all of you! Boom. Sock removed. Or, he’ll give you a good answer that helps you fall in love with the sock.

Think about the Red Hot Chili Peppers and re-envision the possible sexiness of a sheath on this part of the body. He may be using the sock as a way to envision a connection between his feet, your feet and his genitals as he stares at your toes.

When it comes to fetish behavior, an open mind coupled with open communication yield solid sexual steam.

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